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under the leadership of Mr. Chandrakant Koticha; in Rural India.


Project ‘Life,’ launched in 1978, is a globally acclaimed humanitarian organization with over 43 years of dedicated service. It has positively impacted the lives of countless underprivileged individuals through professional management, innovative ideas, and financial resources. Recognized worldwide, the organization continues to advance its mission, with a commitment to further enriching lives in need.


Since 1978, Project Life has been a pioneer in implementing invaluable interventions aimed at addressing various social issues. These interventions have had a profound impact, including poverty alleviation, the establishment of quality blood banking facilities, the promotion of gender equality, the revitalization of educational infrastructure, and the cultivation of a conducive learning environment.

Additionally, these efforts have driven health and wellness campaigns, raised awareness about genetic blood disorders like Thalassemia, and promoted environmental conservation. Over the span of 43 years, this individual’s work has touched and transformed the lives of more than 6 million people.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

Joy of Helping supports the Women Empowerment Program with Project Life. Our Program brings about a transformative change in the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged women. Through vocational skill-based training in sewing, embroidery, catering, beautician practice, and more, the program aims to make these women self-reliant. Additionally, we offer supplementary livelihood training in areas such as Self-Defense, Gender Equity, Banking, Budgeting, and Finance, empowering women to lead lives of dignity and status within society.

Women Empowerment Program with Project Life in 2020

One notable initiative focuses on empowering socially and economically disadvantaged women through the Women Empowerment Program. This program offers vocational skill-based training in various fields such as sewing, embroidery, catering, and beautician practice, empowering women to become self-reliant. Additionally, supplementary livelihood training is provided in areas like self-defense, gender equity, ...

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Women Empowerment Program with Project Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic brought economic activities in India to a grinding halt, posing a significant challenge to the survival of underprivileged families, particularly those led by women. Recognizing the impossibility of conducting physical vocational training during the pandemic, we embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to provide virtual vocational training. This ...

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Women Empowerment Program with Project Life in 2022

We offered women vocational training in various fields, enabling them to earn a living and achieve self-sufficiency. Your invaluable contribution has invigorated our determination to empower an increasing number of women economically and socially. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering tangible outcomes that benefit both society and the nation. The ...

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