Nari Gunjan

Working towards education to the Dalit Community, 

under the leadership of Sudha Varghese; in Bihar

Nari Gunjan is a women’s organization that operates in the districts of Patna, Gaya, Purnea, and Saran in Bihar. Nari Gunjan represents women who are Dalits, landless and agricultural laborers. The organization came into being with grass-root women of rural areas coming together to share and to exchange their experiences and to support one another in their struggles.

Nari Gujan Mission is also our mission to educate the deprived sections of society-  Dalit, women, and children In order to make them an improved and mainstreamed community

Joy of Helping believe that is the fundamental Right of every child without exception to receive free and quality education up to the age of 14 on the basis of equal opportunity, without the discrimination on the basis of caste, class, gender, or religion in an environment of love and care and with appropriate facilities conducive to joyful learning. Provide education for Dalit children to overcome the problems of illiteracy, socio-economic, and cultural bondage. By the effort of Nari Gunjan, today the young girls and boys of the musahar community love to explore education in their areas/villages. They motivate the people of other communities to send their children to the education centers of Nari Gunjan. 

The concern for health too increases in these communities. The people now know the value of cleanness, hygiene, and sanitation.

Apart from this, our effort is to decrease the percentage of child marriage, child labor, child abuse, and domestic violence to bring out the people of Dalit communities from the state of backwardness and illiteracy.

Our Collaboration in Action

  • The teacher, parents, and civil society have a responsibility to demand and pressurize the state to meet its obligation and a duty to facilitate the process of realization of this Right by deprived and bonded children.   

Specific Achievements in Education of children