Kenya Eye Projects

Working towards aid for visually impaired, with the support of a couple of organizations; in Kenya.

Joy of Helping is focused on several vision and disaster-related relief efforts.

The major causes of blindness in the Kenya region are due to cataract and refractive error. Over the years, there has been a strong focus to address the cataract blindness – more so with Free Eye Camps in rural areas.

Lion sight first Eye Hospital in Nairobi

Joy of Helping coordinated with Sad Guru from Rajkot to participate to eliminate blindness from Kenya by providing funding for 500 cataract surgeries. Lion hospital coordinated nine different campsites within 100 miles of Nairobi, Average of 1000 patients were screened. Selected patients were sent to the hospital and operated three times a week to complete all 500 cataract operation within three weeks.

Joy of Helping sponsored the eye camp for 300 pediatric operations throughout the year. Lion hospital was able to select 95 children for the operation rest of the fund used for adult cataract operation. A total of 800 operations was performed at the lion hospital.

Lion Eye Hospital in Mombasa

Friend of Joy of Helping sponsored the eye camp for 200 at Lion Mombasa

Lion hospital coordinated three different campsites within 85 miles of Mombasa, Average of 1000 patients came for the checkup. Selected patients were sent to the hospital and operated twice a week to complete all 200 cataract operation within one month

AYUDH Kenya in association with Amrita Centre Kenya (AMMA)

Distribution of 15,000 white canes to blind school children

Amrita Centre Kenya under M.A. MATH CHARITABLE TRUST works to identify and help communities in need. With valued support from our partners, we have undertaken various projects in Kenya to achieve the past 10 years. These projects aim to improve the opportunities that beneficiaries could have moving forward in terms of empowerment.

AYUDH Kenya in association with Amrita Centre Kenya – an NGO of the M.A.Math Charitable Trust has donated White Canes to blind children over the years as part of the WHITE CANE initiative. Joy of Helping has donated 15,000 white cane. Distribution is still pending due to Corona Virus to reach the target of distributing canes to blind school children by 2020 throughout all the districts of Kenya. They have collected data that how many blind children in each district and blind children to school in a district.

A white cane is a device used by many people who are blind or visually impaired. It primarily allows its user to scan their surroundings for obstacles or orientation marks and is also helpful for onlookers in identifying the user as blind or visually impaired and taking appropriate care.

The white cane is a universal symbol of independence for blind people, enabling them to navigate their way in confidence and safety.

Sabatia Eye Hospital in Kisumu

In Western Province around Kisumu, cataract as a major cause of blindness is still very widespread and with no dedicated facility to serve the population in this region, the condition gets worse. This is noted during the free eye camps which are flooded with hundreds of people.

Joy of Helping sponsored the eye camp at Lion Sabatia eye hospital they selected 380 cataract patients out of 1169 that were screened. 124 patients had cataracts in both eyes while 132 patients had in one eye. 49 patients were under the age of 50 while 207 were above 50 years of age. We discovered that in the thousands, across Kenya, remain literally blind leading to loss of dignity, independence, and hope. Giving back sight was the most meaningful support that we could make.

Our Collaboration in Action