DivyaJyoti Trust

Working towards eradicating blindness, with the support of “Chhanyado”, in  Mandvi

Divyajyoti trust was established with the support of “Chhanyado” in 2010. Tejas Eye Hospital run by Divyajyoti trust in Mandvi town with a view to serve the poor and needy tribal population around the area was started in May 2011. The work started with a 40 bedded eye hospital (now converted into a 100 bedded hospital) with the required facilities to serve as a tertiary hospital. Total 16000 sq. ft. area is put to use (another 15000 sq. ft. area was added by June 2015). Our hospital is one of the very well-equipped hospitals of Gujarat. The ambience created is also pleasing and all the basic facilities are provided to the patients.

Performing 1 + eye operations
per year with the help of twelve full time Ophthalmologists including corneal transplants and retina surgeries

Joy of Helping during Covid19 crisis is committed to help financially to Divyajyoti to send donation from USA

Divyajyoti has an outstanding track record of delivering high quality eye care on a mass scale and prudently managing its finances in a transparent manner. However, in these uncertain times, Divyajyoti needs special one-off financial support to finance its operations, so that it is able to come through the Covid19 induced crisis as a going concern and continue to resolve blindness for the poor. 

After covid19 crisis is over then helping hands would like to donate and sponsor free eye camps  for selected cataract patients operation will be done free of charge at the hospital to eliminate blindness

We see approx. 125,000 OPD patients including outreach activities.  All subspecialties of eye care viz. cornea, glaucoma, retina, oculoplasty, paediatric eye care, neuro ophthalmology, low vision are managed with the help of either full time consultants or experts coming from nearby cities like Surat and Mumbai. Training of paramedics and Ophthalmologists – both short term and long term training has also started. From Sept. 2017 onwards an optometry college has also started. Some research activities are also being carried out. Thrice a week diagnostic eye camps are being conducted right from the beginning in a radius of 100 kms around us. This includes 2,000 villages and a population of 2.5 million. Patients are provided two way transportation free of cost. Approx. 150 diagnostic eye camps are being conducted every year. We are providing eye care services at two CHCs under a public private partnership initiative with the Govt. of Gujarat.

Jhankhvav centre is 25 kms from here and Netrang is 45 kms from here. One Ophthalmic Assistant posted by us stays at these CHCs and runs a daily OPD. The Ophthalmologist visits these centres twice in a week and performs surgeries there. We perform more than 500 operations between these two centres every year which started from April 2012. One more satellite centre at Vyara – 30 kms from Mandvi has also become functional recently. We have posted a full time Ophthalmologist there. Eight vision centres – Umarpada (30 kms), Dediapada (70 kms), Sagbara (80 kms), Uchchal (80 kms), Khapar – Maharashtra (120 kms), Kim (50 kms), Kosamba (60 kms) and Bardoli (35 kms) are also functional – daily OPD is being run at these places with the help of an Ophthalmic Assistant posted there. Almost 75% of the surgical work is being done free of cost. All the patients with BPL cards are treated free. The other 10-15 % patients make small payments. And our target population is also the poor community around us. 

We have Completed a Community Based Rehabilitation programme for incurably blind people of Mandvi taluka. There were 115 incurably blind clients with us as a part of this activity. With the help of 10 workers, we have rehabilitated these blind clients. We have also completed rehabilitation work in Umarpada and Mangrol taluka. There were nearly 200 incurably blind persons identified who were rehabilitated. Now, the rehabilitation work is in progress in Vyara block where there are nearly 150 incurably blind persons who are being rehabilitated. We have started a hostel for the blind children with 14 students in the first year, now there are 18 students. The kids have settled very well and are making satisfactory progress academically. They attend regular school with other sighted students and we teach braille, computers and music in the evening.,

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