Disaster Relief Projects

Working towards providing disaster relief, with the support of Joy of Helping; in Crisis Affected Areas of India and Kenya.

Disaster  relief in India and Kenya

Food Packages, Blankets, and Mosquito net distribution                       

Coronavirus and flood victims of the poorest people of Kenya relief was coordinated with FOOD FOR LIFE CYCLE FOR LIFE TRUST in Nairobi Kenya

I had visited Nairobi slum to select for cataract operation during my last visit. I know exactly kids suffering from hunger especially during Covid-19. Children would not die due to coronavirus but due to hunger and Malaria.

 The distribution of food packages to thousands of daily wage earners in slum areas.

Kenya floods uproot families, complicating the coronavirus fight while infrastructure has been damaged, making aid delivery more difficult still our Friends in Nairobi personally working to deliver food packages to the slum areas. Each pack currently contains 2 kilograms, maize flour, 2 kilograms of red beans, green gram or rice, cooking fat, salt, and a bar of soap. One such pack costs Ksh. 500/- ($5 or £3.75). Their target is to distribute at least 50,000 packs. So far, they have packed over 12,000 packs. We have collected $20200 donation which includes $5000 from Sarva Mangal Family Trust from MANU AND RIKA as a matching fund. Joy of Helping received an appeal from an NGO from Nairobi Kenya to donate generously so they can also help the flood victims who have lost everything to provide them 1200 food packages, 200 blankets, and 200 Mosquito nets mainly to women and children which save children from the deadly disease of malaria before coronavirus. They would like to donate a total of 4200 food packages to coronavirus and flood victims of the poorest Kenyans

Homes have been demolished, crops destroyed and roads swept away, hampering relief efforts in far-flung areas. Tens of thousands of people across the country have been displaced,

Rain-triggered disasters, including flash floods and landslides, have killed many people.

Emergency Funding for NGO working to eliminate Blindness

In summary, during the Crisis period, some of the NGO will face significant cash flow pressures, as the incurred operating expenses (albeit at a reduced level reflecting re-planned measures) will be significantly outweighed by the related income during the period, given that we will not be able to deliver eye care at any significant scale.

 Joy Of Helping has coordinated with Sankara Eye Foundation USA with three (3) NGO who has an outstanding track record of delivering high-quality eye care on a mass scale and prudently managing its finances in a transparent manner. However, at these uncertain times, all three eye hospital needs special one-off financial support to finance its operations, so that it is able to come through the Covid19 induced crisis as a going concern and continue to resolve blindness for the poor. Joy of Helping participated with the Sankara Eye Foundation to provide funding for the operating expenses resulting in the Crisis phase.

Our Collaboration in Action