Bidada Sarvoday Trust

Working towards children’s health, with the support of Joy of Helping; in Kutch.

An 80-bed hospital in Bidada, a small village in Kutch was opened in the early 1980′s, which provides year around eye, dental, gynecological, rehabilitative, naturopathic and other medical services.  Approximately 300 patients are examined at the clinic on daily basis; and five to ten patients are admitted for surgery. The services provided to the regional people are invaluable being one of the only medical facilities of its caliber in the region. The visitors are offered services at a highly subsidized by the organization.

  1. Joy of Helping have attended yearly camps since 1984, working with doctors, volunteers & trustees in various capacities and contributed large sum  from family members as well as friends since 2000.
  2. Managing, collecting, and donating large sum annually to run the cardiac camps. Selected children and poor working women who suffered from such heart diseases as ASD, VSD, MVR, DVR, and PDA are sent to Mumbai for surgery and organized volunteers who took care of the heart patients from beginning to end of the surgical process.

 Since the Gujarat government helps the underprivileged and low-income families.

Bidada Trust is now able to send all our cardiac patients to Karamsad private hospital since 2015.


Our Collaboration in Action