Shree Bhojay Sarvoday Trust

Working towards women’s health, under the leadership of Mr. Liladhar Manek Gada; in Rural India.

The Gynecology problems of the rural women remained unattended for years. The continuous initiative by BST to reach rural women to address their unresolved health problems with the help of midwives brought unexpected results. Shri Bhojay Sarvoday Trust was incorporated in 1996 with a motto to provide basic medical facilities to people of rural Kutch, especially in these remote areas.

Joy of Helping has been supporting one of the Gynecology camps since 2003. In seventeen years Bhojaya trust was able to perform 850 such operations through our support. Rural women of Kutch have been after home delivery suffering from prolapse utters as well as large fibrosis particularly women thinks it is common

Our intervention successfully breaks the stigma that it was not necessary to suffer from heavy bleeding and discomfort. After the operation, they can live a productive life with the family. This was affecting the whole family due to her sickness financially

The first camp was organized in 1999 which thereafter became a regular feature of their activities. Till now, more than 3500 women have undergone successful gynecology surgeries in 60 camps for 22 years.

Mother of mentally challenged girls brings them to the gynecology camp to be operated to avoid pregnancy due to rape.  Many times poor girls are the victims of rape.

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Our Collaboration in Action