Bhansali Trust

Working towards women empowerment and various social projects, in Rural India.

Bhansali Trust is a Public Charitable Trust registered at Bombay in the year 1,969 and has been carrying out various activities in Medical, Educational, Income generation, De-addiction, and other Socio-Economic fields. 

The Trust has 610 full time and 1,724 part-time staff.

The continual, overall enrichment of the lives of the tribal masses in the area of income generation by strengthening the community, particularly women through self-groups and income-generating projects, so that they can stand on their own. This will create women empowerment and it will prevent exploitation.

Bhansali trust is involved in many activities but we will be supporting only in the area of women empowerment through income generation.

The trust has also carried out various relief projects during natural calamities. 

Most of the Trust projects are carried out with family funds, while natural calamity relief projects are carried out with funds from Diamond Trade and friends

Our Work in Action for income generation

TIDE - Tribal Integrated Development & Education Trust

Bhansali Trust has been working with Tribal Integrated Development & Education.

Our country has over 120 million tribal living in approx. 135,000 villages. There are 537 different tribes and Sub-tribes, each having their own culture, language, costume, food habits, thinking, etc. Being poor and illiterate, these innocent tribals have been exploited for hundreds of years.

TIDE was formed by a group of 10 like-minded friends in 2003 for the upliftment of the poor and needy tribal people. First four years the progress was slow as the work was in very remote places in different states. Gradually the work has expanded and now TIDE has projects in 16 states. Since the last four years, TIDE has also started working with the Mushar community in Kishanganj Dist. Bihar.

The continual, overall enrichment of the lives of the tribal masses, whilst conserving, simultaneously, their centuries-old culture and heritage, is one of the key, long-term goals of the Trust. The Trust is of the belief that in order to achieve this important goal, it needs to adopt, necessarily, an Integrated Development approach. 

Keeping this in view, the Trust has defined, as a matter of planned strategy, the following Primary Objectives for the benefit of the tribal masses in areas supported by the Trust: