To Provide Disaster Relief

 “It’s a shame there has to be a tragedy before the best in people will finally shine.”

Disaster Relief in India and Kenya

 Food Packages, Blankets, and Mosquito net distribution 

 Kids suffering from hunger, especially during Covid-19. Children would not die due to coronavirus but due to hunger and Malaria. Kenya floods uproot families, complicating the coronavirus fight while infrastructure has been damaged, making aid delivery the distribution of food packages to thousands of daily wage earners in slum areas.

Emergency Funding for NGO working to eliminate Blindness

During the Crisis period, some of the NGOs will face significant cash flow pressures, as the incurred operating expenses (albeit at a reduced level reflecting re-planned measures) will be significantly outweighed by the related income during the period, given that some of the NGO will not be able to deliver eye care at any significant scale. 

Three eye hospitals have an outstanding track record of delivering high-quality eye care on a mass scale and prudently managing its finances in a transparent manner. However, in these uncertain times, all they need is a special one-off financial support to finance its operations so that it is able to come through the Covid19 induced crisis as a going concern and continue to resolve blindness for the poor.

We are creating Solutions

We work with various NGOs on every cause to combat the problems of the Earth.