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Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust :
Case Study

Our Impact with Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust

I am a divorcee staying with my parents at village Nandgam Taluka Bhachau Dist:-Kutch –Gujarat.

 I was suffering from abdominal pain while coughing and also manorraghea. My sonography report indicated Umbilical Hernia and Uterine fibroid . I was adviced two surgeries for my ailment inviting costs of Rs 35 to 40 thousands per surgery. My parents are from lower middle class. They can not afford the cost. At times the pain was unbearable for me.

 I got the news of a medical camp at Bhojay, which is at a distance of 150 kms. From our village. My mother is having mental illness hence my father accompanied me to Bhojay Surgical camp. The surgery was performed for umbilical Hernia free of cost.

I am relieved of my pain of hernia. I would now be visiting Bhojay Gynec camp after 45 days  for surgery to remove uterine fibroid. I and my parents are grateful to Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust for their help to us.

Kamalaben Bharatbhai Songela

Patient at Bhojay Sarvday Trust

 Patient Ratanben Haresh Koli residing at Nakhatrana was suffering from a disease known as menorrhea continuous bleeding from the reproductive organ. Her sonography report was suggestive of a huge fibroid in the uterus. Due to bleeding, there was a fall in hemoglobin and she would frequently need a blood transfusion. The cost of surgery ( Abdominal hysterectomy) would be around Rs- 65000.

She came to the gynecology camp at Bhojay held by Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust. She was posted for abdominal hysterectomy surgery but she would need at least four bottles of blood. Her blood group was o-ve, a rare blood group to get blood Donors.

Due to corona, the blood banks were running dry for even normal blood groups. However, the Bhojay blood procurement team made continuous efforts for blood for patient Ratanbai. Four donors were brought to the blood bank from four corners of kutch. They might have traveled more than 400kms for this.

The blood arrived at the eleventh hour and surgery of Ratanbai was performed at the camp. Else she would have been called at the next camp after one month. The postponement of surgery would cause a further fall in hemoglobin.


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