Mr. Mritunjay

Akhand Jyoti  Eye Hospitals, one of India’s top 5 hospitals. The Football to Eyeball project exemplifies the unique work of Akhand Jyoti which not only restores sight (and program aimed at empowering women & girls. 

Therefore income and dignity) to the most deprived sections of society but also incorporates active gender equality.

Mritunjay With a background in Commerce and experience of 12 years in marketing, Mritunjay is the Founder & Head of Projects at the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, Mastichak, Bihar, which has now become one of the top 5 eye hospitals in India. He started the project with a strong belief that eye-health delivered innovatively can alleviate poverty, tackle gender equality, and usher societal change in the low-income states of India. The hospital offers world-class eye care services including all sub-specialties and does over 65,000 surgeries annually, 80% free, and in the process impacts the lives of 1 million people every year.

Akhand Jyoti  Eye Hospitals 

Mastichak, Bihar,

Being centered in a village where supporting ecosystems are negligible. FOOTBALL to EYEBALL is his mantra, and he was given the Reliance – CNN IBN REAL HEROES AWARD in 2010 for this initiative. He draws inspiration from his Guru, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (founder of Gayatri Pariwar) found the purpose of his life in Bihar and started with the primary goal to fight curable blindness in Bihar, one of the most backward states of India and where widespread poverty, rampant illiteracy, and poor infrastructure made the task much more daunting. He also works actively to provide equal opportunities to girls from rural Bihar by running a unique talent creation initiative at the eye hospital which aims to tackle child marriage and gender inequality by giving an alternative to girls.

180 girls have now reclaimed their lives with 30 girls added to the scheme every year. He wants to scale up the annual impact of his work by helping 200,000 of the rural poor get their sight back, 2 million people get treatment and 300 girls reclaim their life each year. For a living, he runs 6 franchise businesses for the last 25 years, devotes 5 days a month to his family and his family business at Kolkata, and has limited personal ambitions due to his passion for achieving the dream of bringing societal change in the poorest regions of the country.  Football and wildlife photography are his passions.

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